Bananimal Premium Flower by Greenline Organics

Taste, smell, looks and potency she has it all. This is the Banana pheno of the Bananimal line. Little to no cookie smell or structure. Smells like banana skittles to me

Mr. Nice

Mr. Nice is a cross between the legendary G13 strain and the Hash Plant. Previously unavailable since the '80s, Sensi Seed Bank has put this hybrid on the market again. He is named in honor of Howard Marks, the Oxford graduate who became one of the biggest Marijuana smugglers of our time. After his time in federal prison Howard released his autobiography entitled "Mr. Nice". Tested at: 29% THC

Platinum O.G. 4g Canned Premium Flower by Space Monkey Meds

25.5% THC .08% CBN (Indica) Derived from: Platinum OG is just as precious as the metal it’s named after. With a THC content regularly topping 20%, this indica-dominant hybrid asserts itself as one of the “heaviest” strains around. Platinum OG is purported to stem from three strains: Master Kush, OG Kush, and a third unknown parent. Flowers are lime green and plump, with prominent orange hairs and a platinum coating thanks to the abundance of THC crystals. A brief, heady onset settles into a powerful physical sedation suitable for nighttime use and pain, stress, or anxiety relief, making this precious strain a robust healer.

Memory Cookies 4g

24.97% THC .07% CBN (Indica) *Exclusive Strain*


Chem Scout, bred by IC Collective, is an indica-dominant strain that took 1st place in the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup in San Fransisco. This cross between Chemdawg 91 and Girl Scout Cookies delivers a blast of cerebral euphoria that tapers into full-body relaxation with time.